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We like big butts and we cannot lie. But we also just like butts. That's why we celebrate all butt sizes everywhere: the bootylicious, the petite, and the flat. However, if you've got a butt that's flat and you're looking for a butt that's phat, there's nothing wrong with that.

You've come to the right place to get that flat butt and pump it up.

How'd My Butt Get Flat?

It's called dormant butt syndrome. Yes, this really is a thing. This is where your glutes are weak, and your hips are tight. That means they're not working as efficiently as they're designed to, giving your butt a flatter appearance.

You can develop dormant butt syndrome if you sit for a vast majority of the day, or even if you sleep in the fetal position. It's also caused by lack of exercise.

Also, you could have just been born with a more flat butt shape. Nothing wrong with that. However, if your butt muscles are really weak, it can be putting strain on other parts of your body that are overworked. Your back, hips, and knees might start to hurt when you exercise. And that's now what we want!

How Do I Get My Butt to Not Be Flat?

Consistency is key to all perky butts. Considering consistent sitting is the key to a flat butt, it only makes sense. Keep up with that butt work, and your flat but should start to lift up little by little.

Work It Out

The biggest secret to getting a nice, toned butt is not a secret. Your butt needs to be trained to get off the flat train. You basically know what that means: squats, and all sorts of other fun butt workouts. Luckily, we've already listed our favorites for you.

But, you say, what if I've been working my butt out to no avail? The answer just might lie in repetition. If you've repeated the same exercise over and over, your butt says, "eh, been there, done that." Working all angles of your butt and switching up your routine will target areas that might actually be your "problem spots."

Don't Sit, Stretch

We've said it before and we'll say it again: sitting down for extended periods can actually give you a flat butt. Yikes, says everyone who works in an office. Obviously, there's standing chairs, yoga balls, and walking breaks to the rescue.

But, because sitting is also an inevitable part of life, there's stretching. When you go from work to the gym, start with a stretch. Waking up your hip flexors will also re-activate your glutes, and get your butt ready for a nice workout.

Create an Illusion

You know you we have to mention Cute Booty. There's a reason it's called Cute Booty and not Flat Booty, after all. The ruching effect of the pockets on our leggings gives your butt and instant lift. Not only that, the thick (but breathable!) fabric gives you that extra layer of oomph.

Don't fall flat. Be fabulous. That's our motto, and now it can be yours, too.