Sold Out

Let's remind ourselves of the facts. We wear our leggings to the gym. We wear our leggings grocery shopping. We wear 'em out and about, we wear them to hangouts, and we wear them inside. We live in our leggings.

Why not know how to style them to your greatest ability? Of course, we think Cute Booty leggings are knockouts all on their own, but here's how to make the most out of your leggings outfit.

Nothing's Cuter Than a Set

Do you hear that? Nothing! We think that styling. your leggings with a top that is made to match is, well, a match made in heaven. There's basically nothing easier than putting on your leggings and its matching top to make it look like you put major effort into your outfit.

Stop, Crop, and Roll

High waisted leggings are your fashion forward best friend. They're ultra cute, and they keep our tummies nice and controlled, right? They also let us get our crop on. Pair a high waisted legging with a crop top, and you've got a sporty, versatile look you can wear all season round.

Add a Fancy Jacket

When you want to wear leggings but still look extra-put together, a nice jacket will be your best friend. No, we're not talking about a hoodie - even though we all know that can be a look.

Pull a blazer from your closet and pair it with a simple white t-shirt and black leggings. Or, if you have a tailored yet more relaxed jacket, you can pull off a professional look that way as well.

Tuck It In, Tuck It In

We're big fans of a nice tucked t-shirt. Give your shirt a little nip and tuck, and tuck in just the bottom of the entire shirt into the waistband of your leggings. That way, instead of have a severe tuck, the fabric can spill softly out of the tuck and look more natural.

We also love a good french tuck. Fold just the front of your shirt in to the waist of your leggings for a relaxed look, with the back of the shirt untucked.

Bigger is Better

An oversized shirt plus leggings is a tried and true combo. Throw on a big t-shirt, and let your cutest leggings peek out. Oh, that's what you're wearing right now? Yeah, us, too.

Boots Are Made for Leggings

When you're on the taller end, some leggings (hello, not ours!) don't make it all the way down to your ankles. That look is totally fine, but when you want some coverage all the way up your leg, opt for a boot. There's basically nothing that looks cuter and cozier than your leggings, paired with long scrunchy socks, topped off with a boot. If you're on the shorter end, this style is also your friend, because it's everyone's friend.

Please, Please, No Pantylines

Because we live in 2020, there's underwear out there that you can wear that doesn't give you pantylines. Trust us, it's just not a professional look. You don't even have to just wear a thong - you can get no-show undies that you can wear with your leggings. Just make sure there's no granny panties under there.

How do you style your leggings?