Sold Out

Here at Cute Booty, it should come as no surprise that we’re all about beautiful bums. We can’t get enough of those great and healthy-looking booties.

While genetics certainly play a strong role in the overall shape of a booty, working out your lower back, glutes and hamstrings can help enhance and workout your butt for that smooth and sexy curve.

Here are some quick workouts for your booty:

1. Bridge with Leg Lift

Perform bridge pose by laying down with legs bent and feet shoulder width apart and lift the pelvis. Extend legs out by straightening one leg out at a time. Lower bridge between each rep. Squeeze those glute muscles throughout this exercise.

2. Bridge with Elevated Foot

Same as preparing for bridge pose but straighten one leg up with foot flexed. Then lift into bridge, keeping leg straight but flexed, and core tight. Repeat on other side.

3. Clamshell

While on your side with knees bent and head rested on arm, lift top leg (but don’t tip over, keep hips balanced/square). Your legs should look like a clamshell in this stretch. Be sure to flex your butt and keep your core tight.

4. Single-Leg Squat

Standing with one leg crossed over the other knee, squat evenly while reaching out with arms. Keep back straight and core tight.

5. Diagonal Squat

With feet wide, this move is similar to a regular squat. But instead, step one foot back at a diagonal and push hip backwards with chest up, keep front leg straight and flex foot. Return to starting position to repeat on other leg.

6. Squat Kicks

Do a regular wide squat but as you come up, lift one leg for a side leg lift, hold it for several seconds, and then drop back down to center. Repeat on other leg.