Sold Out

Hey beauties,

It's all about that summer heat right now, from pool parties to sexy shorts to backyard barbecues to whatever unique thing it is you do during the summer. But whatever it is, in Southern California, no matter how unique your summer activity, this fact is almost always going to be true: it's hot out there.

And when it's hot out there, we want to trim it down a little from our usual sweatshirts and Cute Booty leggings...into cute booty shorts. Or, even...a Cute Booty swimsuit. But when summer hits so suddenly (it's already here?) we might not all always feel ready. And like we always say, you're beautiful and one of a kind just the way you are, but if you'd like to some quick tips on how to get yourself booty short ready for the summer, here they are.

The right pair of shorts

Can we say it enough? The right pair of booty shorts is going to make all of the difference. Don't wear just any pair of shorts. Cute booty shorts are going to make you look fabulous right away. Why? Well, they're Cute Booty shorts. Secondly, the scrunch butt or scrunch pockets on every single pair of shorts is designed to make your booty look even more juicy than it already is.

When your booty looks juicy, not only is that enough of a confidence boost in itself, it also makes the rest of you look...less juicy. When you accentuate your curves in your rear, it can make your waist appear smaller instantly. So bump up that booty shorts game and slip into something comfortable and empowering, like this pair of lounge shortie shorts.

Drink lots of water

Alright, so if you've been alive on the planet earth for long, you've probably heard that drinking water is healthy for you. Not a big surprise. But if you want to lose weight fast for summer or just slim down and look more toned, drink eight to ten glasses of water every day to flush out all the toxins in your body, and keep your organs properly hydrated so that they can do their job.

And on top of that? ONLY drink water. If you're spending your days drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day but also beers or sodas or other less than healthy drinks, not only will you have to pee a lot, but you'll be negating al the healthy benefits of drinking water regularly.

Eat five times a day

Maybe you're a big fan of intermittent fasting, but sometimes, starving yourself can cause your body to go into hibernation mode, and store up fat for energy to use in the future. Instead, eat light meals five times throughout the day to speed up your metabolism. Emphasis on light meals. If you're eating five meals a day, you're not going to be doing a lot of summer slim downs.

Do a morning workout

If you're not already working out in the morning, do it the first thing before you hit the fridge. The morning is the best time for your body to burn fat instead of burning carbs, because even though you were asleep, your body wasn't - it was eating through the night. Stored up carbs have been depleted, which means it's time to switch into burning fat, which is what you want. You'll also kickstart your body into burning fat at a faster speed for hours later. Not to mention you can wear your Cute Booty shorts, and you've gotten your workout out of the way.

Stretch it out

Stretching doesn't just feel good and keep your body limber and ready for that morning work out - it actually helps to elongate your body. When you're working on your summer slim down, stretch it out.

Take home your leftovers

And by that we mean, don't eat everything that's on your plate at the restaurant. When you're eating out, you're usually presented with portions that are larger than what you should actually be eating to give your body the amount of fuel it needs. Instead, commit to leaving some of the food on your plate, and asking for it to go. That way, you'll still have fun, but you'll also feel summer ready. And, you won't have that gross "too full" feeling afterward, either.

Eat avocados

Don't have to tell us twice. Avocados and nuts have omega-3 fatty acids in them that tell your brain that you're full - yep, they're the good kinds of fats. Snack on some guac, and stay fuller for longer.

Embrace your body, love your booty,

- Kelly Nishimoto & Team Cute Booty