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There's running, there's yoga, there's hitting the gym, and there's going on walks. You've got a solid rotation of routines that you go through, or at least you try. But have you ever done foot exercises?

Yep, foot exercises. Your feet are literally walking you around and doing all the work for you all day. Give them the tender love and care that they deserve, and strengthen them up while you're at with these simple foot exercises that you can pretty much do anywhere, that actually do a lot for you.

Toe Lifts

Lift them toes. Literally anywhere you're standing, you can do toe lifts. Stand with your feet flat on the floor, and then lift only your toes. Focus your weight on the balls of your feet, and then move your heels back down to the floor. Congrats! You've just done a toe lift. Now repeat your toe lift as many times as you want. Not only are you working your toes, you're also giving your calves a nice little boost. You can do this one when you're standing in line at the grocery store, brushing your teeth, or pretty much any place that you're standing.

Tennis Ball Massage

If you've never used a tennis ball on your feet, you don't know what you're missing out on. Because we don't always have someone around to rub our feet, we have a tennis ball. Place the tennis ball on the ground while you sit in a chair, and roll the ball with your foot. This helps to relax the muscles not only in your feet, but all the way up in your legs as well. That means you'll potentially be feeling more loosey goosey all over.

Tip Toes

This is essentially a variation of those toe lifts you've been doing. Instead of lifting your feet up and down repeatedly, hold the lift for about ten to fifteen seconds, and then repeat. You're going to be working on your balance while you're strengthening your calves and your feet.

Toe Curls

Yes, there are curls for your arms that we're sure you know about. But there are also curls for your toes. You're going to want to be sitting on a chair for this. Then, take a towel and place it beneath your feet. Curl your toes in as much as you can, making them into a fist - but with your toes. You're getting rid of all that tension in your feet. Ahh, relaxing, isn't it?

Training Your Arch

This one's more or less the reverse of the toe lift. Instead of lifting your heels, stand flat on the floor and then lift just your toes. Stretch them as far upwards as you can, then release the stretch. You'll feel the stretch all the way up your legs, and might even improve your posture along the way.

Toe Stretches

Anyone who works at a job where they have to stand knows: your feet are going to hurt. With bare feet, lace your fingers through your toes. Pull your toes gently while you roll your ankles, and you'll feel the stretch all throughout your foot.

Yeah, we're going to say it: it's no small feat taking care of your feet. Don't sleep on your foot exercises. Step up to the plate instead.

We'll let ourselves out.