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Sometimes we need to just simmer down. And meditation is pretty great at that.

(Workout tip: meditation can also help those suffering from a workout plateau. Read more: Why You Should Find Time to Meditate)

But it can be hard to get started or know if you’re “doing it right.” So here are some tips that should make it a little easier.

First off, the word meditation is just a general term to describe achieving a meditative-like state. There are many types of meditation, so you can’t really do it wrong. And trying to meditate, whether you achieve a meditate state or not, is still going to bring stress-reducing benefits.

Sit Like You’ve Never Sat Before

There are many ways you can meditate while sitting. Some may find certain methods of meditation easier than others. For example, a beginner may have an easier time with "concentration" meditation methods before working up to what’s called "mindfulness" meditation.

Here are some ideas on how to get into it. But first, sit comfortably.

Concentration Meditation

  • Focus on your breathing and body moving
  • Use a mantra to keep out other thoughts and sounds (like "ommmm")
  • Listen to your surroundings and take in one piece at a time

Mindfulness Meditation

  • Let your thoughts come in and out, letting them flow naturally. Take mental note of how they progress. Don’t try to control them. End your meditation by examining how your thoughts unfolded and any patterns you found.
  • Send your thoughts to someone else in need of positive vibes. In what’s called “practicing kindness,” this method of mindfulness meditation is an outward-focused style.

Try starting with just 5-10 minutes. Set a timer so you don’t have to think about it.

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