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Butts are great. Butts of all shapes and sizes and colors and wiggles and jiggles. Yay butts!

Another reason we love butts is because we couldn't live without them. Obviously, if you didn't have a butt, you'd just be a weird, floating torso with no attachment to your legs. But we love a strong, healthy butt, because it's actually super important to your health that your butt isn't weak. Here's just some of the reason why you should have a strong butt.

You'll also have a tighter core.

Your core can't work as well if it's lugging along weak butt muscles. The second you start doing an exercise, you'll realize that your butt and core work in tandem with each other, and firm muscles in your rear translate to firm muscles in your core.

You'll be able to relieve back pain.

Believe it or not, your body works all together as one unit! So if you have back pain, you might actually want to look at your butt (not that anything else is new.) When your back is aching, there are definitely a lot of exercises to avoid, like anything bent over - sorry, deadlifts. But working on your glutes actually helps take pressure from your lumbar. It can even prevent flares from happening in the future, because your lower back isn't doing all the work - your strong butt is supporting it!

You'll be a better runner.

Running might not be for all of us, but your butt wants to help. When you strengthen up your glutes, you can help reduce the load of your running. That's because your butt muscles generate a lot of the power when you run. Not only will you take a load off your body, you might just get faster and more efficient, too.

Your pelvic floor gets tighter.

Hurrah! A tight or weak pelvic floor leads to joint pain, hip pain, and lower back pain. Want to avoid all that? Get your squats on. When you build up your butt, you can get rid of the tightness.

You'll have less hip and knee issues.

As if everything else wasn't enough - your butt strength often can correlate to the way your hips and knees feel. Your hip muscles and knees could be working in overdrive to get the rest of your body moving, when your butt should be doing a lot more of the work.

A frustrating conundrum is often that butt exercises involve working your knees - a vicious cycle. We love kickbacks for helping take some weight off your knees. You can do them while you're standing or while you're kneeling with a flat back.

And, perhaps our favorite reason of all...

When your butt is stronger, it's bigger. That's pretty much just how it works. A firmer gluteus maximus means a bigger behind because of your perky muscles.

So keep those booties strong and healthy, and then put on a pair of Cute Booty leggings. That's the way we like it.