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Having a succulent lower body shape and a well-rounded booty is a dream for most ladies. In fact, a good number of women would confide in you that having a rounder butt helps them gain more confidence in their bodies. Taking good snaps in booty shorts and celebrity tights has become a norm that women use to show that their butts are as big and sexy as they come. But the truth is that not every woman got a good butt by just eating and looking good.

A well-rounded butt sometimes comes from hours of exercise to enable them to take shape. Running, walking, jogging, and climbing in those workout leggings with pockets can help improve the muscles in the buttocks (gluteus). Likewise, strength training can target the gluteus for a tighter and more rounded look. In case you're looking to keep your booty in shape, this post is for you. Continue reading to discover good butt and thigh exercises to shape your lower body and get a wonderfully rounded booty.

Basic Squat

Squatting exercises are good exercises that effectively develop the lower part of the body and, most especially, the lower back. When done religiously as a routine, it can do wonders for your butt in ways that you can never imagine.

To perform this exercise, you would have to squat down as if you're properly sitting on a chair, and then you can proceed to rise in a standing position. You can repeat the procedure as many times as possible. Compression leggings and celebrity tights are perfect for you to wear when doing this exercise to be as comfortable as possible. It helps you in gauging your butt to observe your progress.

Dead Lifting

This may seem strenuous and basic but lifting deadweights in a certain manner is very good for the lower back and your butt. You can do this by grabbing a pair of dumbbells (start with the lighter ones and progress as you get used to the weight) and then stand at hip-width with your feet apart.

Then, proceed with your knees bent and bend down with the weights until your hips act as the fulcrum, then return to the standing position after a little time. Repeat the procedure as many times as you can. Booty leggings are a perfect outfit for this kind of workout, although sexy shorts are suitable indoors.


Step-ups are very effective for firm butts and also helps with your laps. These are the kind of shapes that will make you look sexy in celebrity tights. To do step-ups, you would have to use a dumbbell and a box/chair or even a step on a staircase. Place your right leg on the box with your dumbbell in hand, and then gently slide your toe to put you in a standing position on top of the box.

What's more, gently slide down until the back foot touches the ground while the other foot remains on the step. Repeat the process for the other side at least ten more times. Leggings with pockets are good for this kind of exercise because of the random aesthetic movement.

Perform Bridges

This is a very good exercise used in shaping your torso and butt. To perform this exercise, you have to lie on your yoga mat. Your feet should apart be on the floor at hip distance. With your neck and shoulders firmly placed on the floor, lift your hips upwards.

Ensure that your core muscles are flexed and are on a straight line from the knees to your chest. You have to hold the position for 2-3 seconds and lower your hips back to the ground. Repeat the process up to 10 times. Booty shorts are perfect for this exercise and will help you maintain your stance in the air.

To Part Briefly

There you have it! Above are some exercises that help keep your booty in shape. Looking good is wonderful but being able to have a butt that will slay in sexy pajamas and celebrity tights is the dream of every woman. Also, performing these exercises can help both your lower body shape and overall fitness. Start your workout routine today with our booty leggings and workout leggings with pockets. A wonderful experience awaits you.