Sold Out

Hey beauties!

Answer this question for us:

How much free time do you have?

If you answered, "None!" really loud while you were running around being busy, we feel you there.

But, you know what they all say. If you have ten minutes to scroll through Instagram, you have ten minutes to work out. And wouldn't you rather have abs than likes? We would! So here's a few ten minute core workouts for you to choose from.

Squat it Like It's Hot

For this routine, you'll be doing 20 repetitions of each exercise. These are simple enough for someone who's never worked out before, but intense enough for the pros.

Box Squats

You'll need a chair for this one. Lift your left legs out in front of you, and balance on your right leg. Lower until your booty touches the bottom of the chair, and lift back up. Repeat this 20 times on the same leg until you switch to the other leg and do it 20 more times.

Rise and Shine

Put your hands behind your head, and place your feet shoulder width apart while you stand. Keep your back flat, and engage your core. Then engage your core and hinge your hips forward until you feel a stretch in your legs. This small movement will hyper target your core.

Push Ups

Yep! We're in for some simple push-ups. You know the drill: start in a high plank and lower your body down, making sure you hold your elbows close to your ribs. Do it twenty times - we believe in you!

Crunch it Out

You're only going to need body weight for this one, and a yoga mat if you'd like some extra back support.

You'll do each of these five exercises for 45 seconds, and give yourself a 15 second break in-between. You do the math: that's a ten minute ab workout!

Reverse Crunches

These are our faves! You'll really feel it tomorrow. Lie with your back on the floor and your legs up in the air, slightly bents. Place your hands behind your head or on your neck for support. Lift your hips up and your knees toward your face, and hold for a moment. Lower your legs back down and repeat.


Lie on the floor with your arms and legs straight, arms above your head. Move your hands toward your feet with your arms straight out so you crunch your body up in a V shape. Lift your legs toward your arms at the same time.

Take it Around Town

With your back on the ground, extend your legs straight into the air. Then, move your legs in circles with your feet together. You can do small circles or big circles, as long as your core is drawn tight.


You know how to get into good old fashioned plank form. You put your forearms on the floor with legs stretched out behind you. A plank-up is going from a low plank to a high plank. So you'll move your right arm from being flush on the floor to a high plank, extended position, and follow with your left arm. Then, you'll lower back down.

Bicycle Sit-Ups

With your hands placed behind your head, back on the floor, and knees at a 90 degree angle, lift one elbow to your opposite knee, and then the other. Repeat.

Do you feel the burn? We feel it just talking about it. Now it's time to actually go do it. If you do either of these workouts for ten minutes a day, there's literally no way you're not going to see results.