Sold Out

Get your selfie stick ready. Scratch that, get your belfie stick ready. Yes, there are longer selfie sticks made for taking self-butt photos, aka the belfie.

Booty Word of the Day: Belfie

  • The Sophisticated Definition: A self-portrait of one’s butt, similar to that of a “selfie” but instead the focus is on the buttocks.
  • Our Definition: Taking a picture of your bomb booty and posting that to your social like #belfie

It’s worth mentioning that the term “belfie" is not a selfie with a Butterfinger candy bar in it, though we applaud the comedic effort. There are also others who say it’s a selfie while drinking beer, but we personally would call that a "potentially regrettable selfie"…

Butt Seriously

We think it’s absolutely awesome that people have the pride and confidence to post pictures of their bottom half for the world to see.

Posting a belfie (without any liquid encouragement) takes confidence, self-awareness, and often a lot of commitment to fitness. Because let’s face it, if you don’t feel positive toward your entire body, it’s likely that you’re sticking to the regular ol’ selfies for now and maybe even have a preferred angle.

But we say the heck with it and dig deep for that confidence, find your best booty outfit and post that belfie — because we think that everyone should have self-esteem worthy of a belfie.

So Get Your Belfie On

While not a new concept, we wanted to mention the belfie since we pretty much have a never-ending library of belfies on our website and that our followers share with us (with butts adorned in our Cute Booty wear, of course).

But we want to see more Cute Booty belfies get shared, so be proud and start belfie’ing with #cutebelfie